Unseen: Uncovering the Invisible Wounds of Military Trauma (Paperback)

Unseen: Uncovering the Invisible Wounds of Military Trauma By Elisa Escalante Cover Image
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Unseen is centered around military trauma from the perspective of a mental health technician, Elisa Escalante, that deployed to Afghanistan and continued to dedicate herself to clinical work with veterans post military service.

Unseen is an informative, critical, and empathetic look into the mental health side of military and veteran affairs. It highlights how both trauma and military adjustment stressors impact individuals on a social, spiritual, emotional, occupational, and psychological level. Elisa Escalante expresses views on resiliency and what it means to readjust post deployment. She also expresses views on the complexity of getting help in an organization that stigmatizes mental health treatment, viewing it as a form of weakness.

In addition, Elisa writes on topics involving marginalized populations in the military and the uniqueness of clinical treatment toward veterans with suicidal/ homicidal ideation. Unseen enhances education and insight for all veterans, veteran family members, mental health clinicians, and students looking to help veterans in the social and mental realm. It also includes military trauma stories as well as a self-help segment with Q&A, self-interventions, and resources.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781631953538
ISBN-10: 1631953532
Publisher: Aitia Press
Publication Date: July 6th, 2021
Pages: 174
Language: English