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June 2015 Indie Next List

“Otto Ringling and Russian Buddhist monk Volya Rinpoche are on the road again! The third book in Merullo's series is another divine combination of spirituality, adventure, and humor. While Otto is still pondering life's big questions, Volya continues to try to get him to understand that life is just not as complicated as we make it. As with the first two books, I totally devoured the thought-provoking conversations, the random encounters with people along the way that leave a lasting impact, and Otto's continued search to find a good meal 'on the road.' Rich, wise, and delightful!”
— Jamie Hope Anderson (W), Duck's Cottage, Duck, NC


In Roland Merullo's Breakfast with Buddha, an inveterate skeptic and a world-renowned spiritual master set off across America. Now, some eight years later, the world has spun a few times, and what had been certainties in both men's lives have proved fleeting. Otto's future is less than clear after the death of his wife, the departure of his children to make their own lives, and the loss of the only remaining structure in his life -- his long-held job. For Rinpoche, the changes have been less daunting but nonetheless dramatic, as the encroachment of both technology and daily society threaten the solitude and peace of his North Dakota retreat, and he has been forced to acknowledge that his mysteriously gifted young daughter may be the next Dalai Lama.

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ISBN: 9781628996586
ISBN-10: 1628996587
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Center Point
Publication Date: August 1st, 2015
Pages: 500
Language: English