Baltimore Prohibition: Wet and Dry in the Free State (American Palate) (Paperback)

Baltimore Prohibition: Wet and Dry in the Free State (American Palate) By Michael T. Walsh Cover Image
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Explore the fasciniating history of Prohibition in one of the places where it was most defied-- Baltimore, Maryland.

There was perhaps no region more opposed to Prohibition than Baltimore and Maryland. The Free State was defiant in its protest from thoroughly wet Governor Albert Ritchie to esteemed Catholic Cardinal James Gibbons. Maryland was the only state to not pass a baby Volstead enforcement act. Speakeasies emerged at Frostburg's Gunter Hotel and at Baltimore's famed Belvedere Hotel, whose famous owls' blinking eyes would notify its patrons if it was safe to indulge in bootleg liquor. Rumrunners were frequent on the Chesapeake Bay as bootleggers populated the city streets. Journalist H.L. Mencken, known as the Sage of Baltimore, drew national attention criticizing the new law. Author Michael T. Walsh presents this colorful history.

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ISBN: 9781625858429
ISBN-10: 1625858426
Publisher: History Press
Publication Date: December 11th, 2017
Pages: 192
Language: English
Series: American Palate