The Life of Christ: Chinese Paintings with Bible Stories (Traditional Chinese Edition) (Paperback)

The Life of Christ: Chinese Paintings with Bible Stories (Traditional Chinese Edition) Cover Image
By Nonny Hsueh, Ehgbooks (Editor), Luke Chen (Illustrator)
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This English title is an Art Collection made by the Chinese Artist Yuan-Du Chen in Peking in (Beijing China) 1930s with 24 Chinese Paintings associated with 24 Bible Stories in both English and Chinese. In 1844, The Qing Dynasty China signed the Sino-French Treaty of Whampoa, it clearly defined to allow missionary freedom with the establishment of the church free which resolved the ban. Hence, France replaced Portugal and became to control "Protectorate of missions" in China. In 1922, Pope Pius XI sent Celso Costantini as Apostolic Resident Representative in China, which would concrete implementation of "Maximum illud" in the localization of the spirit and provided favorable conditions for the commencement of the localization of the Chinese Christian. Later this year, Celso Benigno Luigi Cardinal Costantini, became the first Apostolic Delegate to China designated by Vatican Rome on August 12. Celso Costantini bishop clearly understood that: "It is not feasible to provide missionary service with no cultural cultivation toward this ancient country which has good ethical traditions for thousands of years." He had been indulged in Chinese Cultures since 1922 and he loved to look around the exhibition in Peking, to understand their needs, learning art, and he met the Chinese artist Yuan-Du Chen who was baptized by him in Peking (Beijing China) as Luke Chen, a professor at Fine Art School of Fu Jen Catholic University in Peking (Beijing China). Yuan-Du Chen encouraged students to highlight their personal characters and play their artistic genius creatively and he influenced many students go into religious creation and become Christians. His greate contribution to Chinese Paintings was commended by Bishop Celso Costantini as follows: "Chinese Paintings can result in wonderful performance by Strokes and delicate Chinese Skill, class performance without the anti-holy church, genetic, and also the same in real terms, only in the form of was inspired by the enthusiasm of Christianity in China to adapt to the psychology of Chinese, naturally extremely reasonable on showing the characteristics of Chinese art and its artistic unique compact, can be the form of unity and essence." This Book is published by EHGBooks - A Micropublisher with authorized distribution sales channel over

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ISBN: 9781625031709
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Publisher: Ehgbooks
Publication Date: October 1st, 2012
Pages: 80
Language: Chinese