The Story of Florida Becoming a State 175 Years Later (Paperback)

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Florida may be best known for Walt Disney World; Key Lime pie; and flawless; white beaches; but there's much more to the Sunshine State than its tourist attractions. The oldest United States settlement; St. Augustine; was established on Florida's eastern coast in 1565; but the vibrant history of the state began much earlier. Explore the rich culture of the native people that populated the land for thousands of years before the subsequent European invasion. Dive into the history of Florida and follow it as the book explores the state's past as a Spanish; French; and British colony; and even an independent country before becoming the 27th state in the Unites States of America. Discover Florida's role during the Civil War; a legacy that impacted the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Learn how the enduring political significance of Florida and its voters shaped the U.S. well into the 21st century; especially during the 2000 presidential election. Learn how Florida entered the 20th century as a key player in the United States Space Race and became the vacation spot it's known for today. Events That Changed the Course of History: The Story of Florida Becoming a State 175 Years Later takes you back to the beginning and helps you discover the mysteries of the Sunshine State. This book will walk you through the history of the Sunshine state; even the parts that aren't so bright.

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Hannah Litwiller is a freelance writer and cat astrologist. She has written numerous books for Atlantic Publishing; including The Young Adult's Guide to Roberts Rules of Order and So You Want to Go to Graduate School? She is the proud owner of Comedian the cat.

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ISBN: 9781620235454
ISBN-10: 1620235455
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group Inc.
Publication Date: November 20th, 2018
Pages: 158
Language: English