Lies My Doctor Told Me: Osteoporosis: How the Latest Medical Research on Bone Drugs and Calcium Could Save Your Bones, Your Heart, and Your Li (Paperback)

Lies My Doctor Told Me: Osteoporosis: How the Latest Medical Research on Bone Drugs and Calcium Could Save Your Bones, Your Heart, and Your Li By Harmony Clearwater Grace Cover Image
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You just got your bone density test back.
Your doctor wants you to take Actonel, Fosamax, Boniva, or Prolia.
You don't understand why those calcium chews didn't work for you.
You don't know why this is happening.
You did what your doctor told you to do.
You don't know what you did wrong.
There's a better way.

This is your answer.

In her new book - based on proven facts and over 200 clinical studies - Harmony reveals the special strategies for keeping your bones as strong and healthy as possible. Would a powerful bone-building supplement used by thousands in Japan get your attention? You can start using this radically different unconventional approach TODAY to strengthen your bones.

Worried that your bones are getting thin and brittle? Get the bone blueprint for strong flexibility. Bend, don't break

Don't waste time and money spending months searching unreliable sources with contradicting data. Let Harmony sort through the fluff and confusion for you, put all the pieces together to figure out what really works, and hand you exactly what you need to know.

She makes it even easier by giving you the names and brands and even links to the exact products needed, so that you don't have to guess or search on your own for them.

You'll learn:

  • Why all that calcium you took didn't work
  • The most common mistake that most women are making when it comes to bone health - that also makes them more wrinkled
  • Which bone-strengthening strategy unknown to the vast majority of doctors works better in peer-reviewed medical research
  • Why taking your doctor's advice could disfigure you
  • The 11 critical nutrients that can make (or break) your bones
  • Why calcium and medication isn't your best answer and the 3 simple things to do instead
  • How the medication doctors prescribe can make your bones MORE likely to break over time
  • The 15 biggest mistakes you are probably making right now that are damaging your bones
  • How what you are doing to try to keep healthy strong bones could actually be causing other diseases in your body
  • Why your doctor probably doesn't know about this research
  • Secrets of the best cutting-edge medical researchers that you need to know to prevent bone loss and fractures
  • Why taking extra calcium without THIS can give you heart disease
  • How to reduce your fracture risk by at least 60% with a statistical 95% confidence level, cited in a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trial (RCT) clinical studies

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ISBN: 9781618020130
ISBN-10: 1618020137
Publisher: Harmonious Clarity Group, LLC
Publication Date: January 28th, 2015
Pages: 68
Language: English