Gunsmithing: A Manual of Firearm Design, Construction, Alteration and Remodeling [Illustrated Edition] (Paperback)

Gunsmithing: A Manual of Firearm Design, Construction, Alteration and Remodeling [Illustrated Edition] Cover Image
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2012 Reprint of 1950 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Illustrated with over 100 photos and drawings. Roy F. Dunlap's book is self-described as "a manual of firearms design, construction, alteration and remodeling for amateur and professional gunsmiths and users of modern firearms." What makes Dunlap's book important is its specificity. For example, instead of merely bringing up the need for a bench grinder, he cites why a 1/4- o r 1/3-horsepower, double-shaft model, turning at 1,750 rpm with a wire-brush wheel on one side and a medium-coarse wheel on the other is the best choice. He supports his recommendation by explaining why you'll find wider use for a medium coarse than a finer stone. His chapter entitled "Helpful Gunsmith Knowledge," is absolutely crammed with bits of information, and includes tips that he evidently could find no other place for in his book. In the midst of a general discussion on disassembly, for instance, Dunlap digresses to describe in detail a L-shaped tool he made to simplify reassembly of an L.C. Smith double and how to use it. All in all, Dunlap covers soldering and brazing; welding; heat treatment of metals; making and fitting sights and accessories; making, fitting and heat treatment of parts; cartridge information useful to gunsmiths; rifle barrels; chamber and barrel work; rifle-action work; pistol and revolver work; shotgun work; twenty two rim fire arms; browning, blueing and blacking of metal; fitting commercial metallic sights; mounting telescopic sights; wood for gun stocks; design of gun stocks; stock making; checkering; stock repair and alteration; stock finishing; styling the custom rifle; custom metal work; ornamentation of wood and metal; target rifles; the Garand rifle; testing facilities and apparatus; synthetic bedding; cartridge and chamber drawings; and data sheets. A classic work, profusely illustrated.

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Pages: 824
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