Countess Nobody (Paperback)

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When Sophie and Samuel Delorme's parents sit them down for a talk, the nearly sixteen-year-old twins expect to hear something major just not their father's declaration that they come from a long line of French nobility. Suddenly Sophie's lost in dreams of life as a countess. She ll no longer be an invisible suburban teen, and just maybe the unattainable Spencer Kavanaugh will finally notice her.
But wait . . . Dad's not done. The title is only passed down to the males in the family. Sam is a count. Sophie is a big "nothing."
Frustrated, she starts a blog about the mysterious Count S who's just arrived in America and is breaking hearts left and right. But when the posts are picked up by a major celebrity gossip site, and people start demanding proof of the noble's existence, how will Sophie keep her cover as Mademoiselle Blogger a secret, and stop her reputation from being destroyed?

About the Author

Lynn Kiele Bonasia made her living writing ads before turning to fiction (though some would argue writing ads is fiction, too). With two adult novels under her belt, "Countess Nobody "is her first foray into the young adult world. She lives and writes full-time on Cape Cod. Visit her at

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ISBN: 9781606842072
ISBN-10: 1606842072
Publisher: Egmontusa
Publication Date: June 14th, 2011
Pages: 183
Language: English