Herculaneum and the House of the Bicentenary: History and Heritage (Conservation & Cultural Heritage) (Paperback)

Herculaneum and the House of the Bicentenary: History and Heritage (Conservation & Cultural Heritage) Cover Image
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This volume provides a striking account of the life, destruction, rediscovery, and cultural significance of the Roman town of Herculaneum and its grandest residence—the House of the Bicentenary.
This volume vividly recounts, for general readers, the Roman town of Herculaneum, destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE and uniquely preserved for nearly two thousand years. Initial chapters offer an engaging historical overview of the town during antiquity, including the riveting story of its rediscovery in the eighteenth century, excavation in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and broad cultural significance in modern times.
Subsequent chapters offer an interpretive tour of the ancient town, then focus on one of Herculaneum’s grandest and most beautifully decorated private residences, known as the House of the Bicentenary. Located on the town’s main street, it has a range of features—original rooms, magnificent wall paintings and mosaics, and remarkable documents—that illuminate daily life in the ancient world.
Final chapters bring the story up to date, including recent discoveries about the site and its famous papyrus manuscripts, as well as ongoing conservation initiatives.

About the Author

Sarah Court is an archaeologist at the Herculaneum Conservation Project. Leslie Rainer is a senior project specialist at the Getty Conservation Institute and coauthor of Palace Sculptures of Abomey: History Told on Walls (Getty Publications, 1999).

Praise For…

“This beautifully presented book by Court and Rainer illustrates the cultural value of the ancient town of Herculaneum while at the same time shining a light on the challenges and triumphs of the archaeologists and conservators who work to preserve it.”
—Dr. Joanne Berry, Associate Professor, Department of Classics, Ancient History & Egyptology, Swansea University

— The Herculaneum Society

“A vivid and deeply interesting read. . . . It’s visual, yet rich in content, and I’d recommend it to anyone with even a pinch of interest in Herculaneum or open-air heritage sites for that matter.”
— Jenny Mathiasson

“The authors breathe life into the ancient town, its shops, and its public baths. Full of gorgeous photos, helpful plans, and archival images, this abundantly illustrated book is a fantastic, accessible, and up-to-date overview of Herculaneum, its long history, and importantly, its conservation.”
— Lucia Marchini

“Ambitious. . . . Upon first reading, one cannot help but be impressed by the accessibility of the text, which is well supported by excellent photographs and illustrations. . . . A good addition to a recommended reading list for beginning students of archaeology, conservation, and classical studies yet also presents an interesting read for a professional conservator.”
— Dr. Alaina Schmisseur

“Well written, well edited, insightful, and enjoyable to read. . . . The publication is a strong contributor to helping elucidate and fortify the future preservation of Herculaneum.”
— Katharine Untch

“The text is engagingly written and masterfully structured, starting with the broad strokes of time and place, zeroing in to focus on a single grand house, the House of the Bicentenary, and then easing out again to consider and convey the urgency of conservation initiatives for the site and, implicitly, for archaeology writ large. . . . Highly recommended.”
— P. J. E. Davies

“Lavish colour illustrations.” 
— Michael Squire

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ISBN: 9781606066287
ISBN-10: 1606066285
Publisher: Getty Conservation Institute
Publication Date: February 11th, 2020
Pages: 176
Language: English
Series: Conservation & Cultural Heritage