Liberated Lawyering: How Lawyers Can Change the World (Hardcover)

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How is it possible that, with a glut of lawyers in America, so many of our country's legal needs go unmet? In Liberated Lawyering, Theresa Amato, executive director of Citizen Works and founder of the Citizen Advocacy Center, shows how to realign supply with demand.

In a practical, no-nonsense guide to changing the way the legal profession creates lawyers in order to address the tens of millions with unmet legal needs, Amato explains why lawyers must reform themselves from serving corporate America to serving the "99 percent." She shares a concise nuts-and-bolts self-help manual for lawyers and law students and describes how law schools and the profession can create more public interest jobs to assist those with no access to counsel.

A stirring and refreshing call for would-be and disenchanted lawyers to rethink their careers, Liberated Lawyering encourages and teaches entrepreneurial lawyers how to navigate the legal landscape that needs them and shows the profession how to redirect the talents of its members to solve the pressing problems and public interests of all of us.

About the Author

An award-winning public interest lawyer, Theresa Amato is the executive director of Citizen Works and was named by "American Lawyer" one of forty-five lawyers under forty-five whose work is changing lives. She is the author of "Grand Illusion" (The New Press), on the importance of third parties in politics, and lives with her family in Oak Park, Illinois.

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ISBN: 9781595589880
ISBN-10: 1595589880
Publisher: New Press
Publication Date: December 27th, 2022
Pages: 224
Language: English