The Spiritual Life of Water: Its Power and Purpose (Paperback)

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Water’s wisdom on renewal, communication, and holism

• How water, as a conscious organism, unites all of creation in one vast communication network

• Includes the research of Masaru Emoto and Viktor Schauberger

• Discusses the energetics of water, water treatments, finding the best-quality water, and the perils of bottled and distilled water

Once held sacred the world over, water contains a wisdom few today acknowledge. Driving everything from our metabolic processes to weather patterns and climate change, its real significance lies in its role as a medium for metamorphosis, recycling, and exchanging energy and information.

Seeking a return to our ancestors’ reverence for water, Alick Bartholomew explores water’s sacred uses, its role in our bodies and environment, and the latest scientific studies to reveal that water is a conscious organism that is self-creating and self-organizing. Examining new discoveries in quantum biology, he shows how water binds all of life into one vast network of energy, allowing instant communication and coherence. Covering the research of water visionaries such as Viktor Schauberger, Mae-Wan Ho, and Masaru Emoto, he examines the memory of water and reveals how the same water has been cycling through Earth’s history since the dawn of time, making water nature’s greatest recycling and reclaiming agent. With information on the energetics of water, water treatments, finding the best-quality water, and the perils of bottled and distilled water, this book offers us a path to reclaim the spirituality of water.

About the Author

Alick Bartholomew (1930-2015) studied geology and geography at the University of Cambridge and University of Chicago. He was part of the editorial team that in 1962 published Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. In 1971 he founded the Turnstone Press, publisher of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, with a vision to reconcile science with a spiritual view of the world. In 1984 he started Gateway Books in Bath, England, continuing the Turnstone vision as well as introducing scientific paradigms, such as a study of the crop circle phenomenon, the scientific evidence for geological catastrophism, and Mae-Wan Ho’s critique of genetic engineering. He is also the author of several books, including Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger and The Spiritual Life of Water.

Praise For…

“. . . filled with many color photos that help explain the magic and mystery of water.”
— Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide, January 2011

The Spiritual Life of Water is an important book. It not only reminds us of its basic need but it unites us to nature, mother earth, and our source.”
— Irene Watson, Reader Views Reviews, January 2011

“Alick Bartholomew, part of the editorial team that published Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, has pulled together a whole and wholistic view of our dwindling water supply. Alongside the facts, he spells out a multitude of reason that we should wake up, pay attention, and take action to restore the finite foundation of our existence. The Spiritual Life of Water is likely to be the pivot upon which a new realization of our connection to nature turns.”
— Curled up with a Good Book, February 2011

“With information on the energetics of water, water treatments, find the best-quality water, and the perils of bottled and distilled water, this book offers us a path to reclaim the spirituality of water. It contains beautiful pictures of water, links and resources, extensive references and a comprehensive index.”
— Arizona Networking News, March 2011

“Words cannot describe the extraordinarily comprehensive, deep and lucid treatment of the role of water within our bodies and in the environment. Based on more than a century of scientific study, much of which hasn’t been recognized by mainstream scientists, Bartholomew’s magnum opus argues convincingly that water is most life-giving and life-enhancing substance known to humanity: we can either destroy ourselves and our surroundings by polluting our water or we can heal through natural processes, positive intention and vortex motion. Water has consciousness and memory. This is the most important book I’ve read in the new century and will be required reading for all my students.”
— Brian O’Leary, Ph.D., author of The Energy Solution Revolution and former astronaut

“[This] book is kind of a water primer, covering everything from the energetics of water to specifics on dwindling sources, with the reminder that ti is a sacred commodity, essential to our life.”
— Whole Life Times, June 2011

“An intelligent and primarily scientific work . . .”
— The Beacon, July 2011

“. . . this magnum opus is lucid, deep and comprehensive, covering the extraordinary contributions of Viktor Schauberger, Mae-Wan Ho, Masaru Emoto and others regarding water’s subtle properties, which provide breakthrough insights into restoring purity and vitality to water. It should be a primary resource for any serious student of both the old and new sciences.”
— Brian O’Leary, Caduceus Magazine, October 2011

“Once in a great while, I stumble upon a book that should be printed in solid gold ink, because its words are a treasure. This is the way I feel about The Spiritual Life of Water by Alick Bartholomew. This book takes the reader inside the story of the most important substance in the world – water – and shows you rather than tells you, why water is the key to life itself and a well of deep intelligence. It is a book so chock full of fascinating scientific facts and mind-blowing spiritual insights that my copy has almost as many book marks as there are pages.”
— Robert Simmons, Metaguide Magazine/Heaven & Earth Publishing, January 2014

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Publication Date: November 18th, 2010
Pages: 368
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