Sapphire Trails (Hardcover)

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Private investigators Claire Caswell and Gaston "Guy" Lombard receive an invitation from longtime friends to visit their lodge in Bigfork, Montana, a respite far away from the frenzied pace of Miami Beach. Guy has not been himself since they returned from a case taking them to the Greek island of Crete, and Claire believes the trip will do them good. But shortly after the two arrive, a cold-blooded murder a crime bearing similarities to a recent rash of burglaries plaguing a well-to-do enclave in the neighboring community of Whitefish pulls them into an ominous plot and they are called upon by the local sheriff to help solve the crime.

A myriad of suspicious characters immediately surfaces in the whirlwind investigation, and the investigators are faced with the horrific reality that their adored friends might top the list. With an ensemble of unforgettable characters and thrilling plot twists, Sapphire Trails is a masterfully woven tale of conspiracy and suspense.

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ISBN: 9781592985067
ISBN-10: 1592985068
Publisher: Bookhouse Fulfillment
Publication Date: August 1st, 2012
Pages: 373
Language: English