199 Proverbs on the Wall (Paperback)

199 Proverbs on the Wall By Dylan Stopher Cover Image
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There are times in life where you just don't know where to turn. It was a time like this that turned me to the greatest possible source one could ever look to for wisdom: the Book of Proverbs in God's Holy Bible. I used this to empower myself with the ability to find wisdom, and hopefully gained some on the way. This book is built in days, rather than chapters, because it emphasizes the need for daily devotional. To get the most out of this work, read each day individually, and then journal your own thoughts and reflections from the day.

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ISBN: 9781590957882
ISBN-10: 1590957881
Publisher: Totalrecall Publications
Publication Date: October 4th, 2011
Pages: 132
Language: English