Emigre Fonts: Type Specimens 1986-2016 (Hardcover)

Emigre Fonts: Type Specimens 1986-2016 By Rudy VanderLans (Editor) Cover Image
By Rudy VanderLans (Editor)
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In 1985, Berkeley-based graphic design company Emigre, the publisher of the legendary design magazine of the same name, launched one of the first independent digital type foundries to explore the new design possibilities offered by the MacIntosh computer. To announce each of their new typeface releases, Emigre published small booklets displaying the virtues of the fonts and revealing the processes used to design them. By creating specific contexts, many of these so called "type specimens" went beyond being simple sales tools. In fact the Emigre booklets were meant to be enjoyed as much for the typefaces as for their esoteric content.

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ISBN: 9781584236207
ISBN-10: 1584236205
Publisher: Gingko Press
Publication Date: May 1st, 2016
Pages: 752
Language: English