The Mobility Workout Handbook: Over 100 Sequences for Improved Performance, Reduced Injury, and Increased Flexibility (Paperback)

The Mobility Workout Handbook: Over 100 Sequences for Improved Performance, Reduced Injury, and Increased Flexibility By William Smith, David Kirschen, Michael Volkmar Cover Image
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From golf to tennis, swimming to running, cross training to strength training, everyday athletes everywhere can benefit from mobility training. Essential for promoting better performance and reducing risk of injury, mobility refers to how well your body moves through a given movement pattern. The Mobility Workout Handbook is your complete guide to incorporating this critical aspect of fitness into your workout routines. Exercise, paired with proper mobility training, is what enables professional athletes to work to their fullest potential without fear of injury or burnout…and now you can too!

Fitness experts Will Smith, David Kirschen, and Mike Volkmar have brought their decades of experience together to provide an effective and easy-to-follow series of sports-specific mobility routines. Designed to help increase range of motion and allow for better performance at all levels of the fitness spectrum, these cutting-edge training routines bring the leading concepts in injury prevention and mobility development to the everyday athlete.

The Mobility Workout Handbook includes:
• 100 mobility routines, with endless possible variations
• Expert-designed workouts of the day (WODs), tailored to a variety of sports and fitness activities
• Detailed, easy-to-understand exercise descriptions to help you master each movement
• Tips on how to supplement your existing workout regimen and completely customize your fitness experience to your needs
• Everyday Tracker journal pages to help you keep track of your progress

Revamp your body and revitalize your routines with all-in-one mobility workouts!

About the Author

William Smith, MS, NSCA-CSCS, MEPD, completed his B.S. in exercise science at Western Michigan University followed by a master’s degree at St. John's University where he was the Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning. In addition to his many years working in fitness, Will currently works for the #1 rated health system in New Jersey. He is an avid athlete participating in soccer, rugby, triathlons, and marathons. Will has been featured on NBC, Canyon Ranch, and World Spinning Conference.
David Kirschen has over 20 years of experience in personal training, coaching, education, and club management. He earned a B.S. in physical education from SUNY Cortland, and is a respected presenter and coach for a number of professional training seminars along the East Coast, including the Learn to Train series. He is an active professional powerlifter who has been ranked #1 in the United States.

Michael Volkmar, MS, CSCS, PES, CPT, received his master’s degree in Exercise Science with a specialization in Exercise, Nutrition, and Eating Behavior from George Washington University (GWU). He worked for three years as the Strength and Conditioning Coach at GWU before moving on to spend one year at the International Performance Institute of IMG Academies, FL. Mike continued his professional development by becoming the Director of Strength and Conditioning at the APEX Academies. Currently, Mike is the strength and conditioning coach at the Peddie School. He has advanced specialty certifications in strength and conditioning, post-rehab exercise, athletic development, and sports medicine.

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ISBN: 9781578266197
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Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
Publication Date: May 31st, 2016
Pages: 224
Language: English