A Paranoid's Ultimate Survival Guide: Dust Mites to Meteorites, Tsunamis to Ticks, Killer Clouds to Jellyfish, Solar Flares to Salmonella (Paperback)

A Paranoid's Ultimate Survival Guide: Dust Mites to Meteorites, Tsunamis to Ticks, Killer Clouds to Jellyfish, Solar Flares to Salmonella By Patricia Barnes-Svarney, Thomas E. Svarney Cover Image
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Blood clots on airline flights? Getting a sunburn in only seven minutes? Balls of lightning moving through your window? Waves on the beach as tall as a two-story building? Volcanoes in your own backyard? Shark attacks? IsnÆt anything safe anymore? A ParanoidÆs Ultimate Survival Guide is now here to help you decide.
This entertaining book enlightens the reader to the hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) dangers of our worldùfrom whatÆs lurking at your next picnic or on a kitchen sponge to bad bullfrogs and the dangers of burning backyard barrels. It offers the reader explanations of what we hear on the news, such as Lyme or LegionnaireÆs diseases; it examines all aspects of our daily lives, from our bathrooms to the places we vacation; and it touches on the bizarre, but scientifically studied, dangers from:
dust mites to meteorites
tsunamis to ticks
killer clouds to jellyfish
and solar flares to salmonella.
These hazards are scientifically backed with recent researchùsome well known, some cutting edge. And most of them are not just remote possibilities but things we encounter everyday.
The authors do more than just list the possible dangers we all face in and outside our home. They also help the reader judge the severity of these lurking threats and offer suggested remedies and solutions. A concluding chapter is devoted to resources on the Web that will bring you up to date on what is known about each hazard.
If youÆre feeling paranoid, A ParanoidÆs Ultimate Survival Guide will show you why you have good reason to feel the way you do, and teach you how to cope with the very real threats around us. As your mother warned you, even paranoids have enemies.

About the Author

Patricia Barnes-Svarney (New York, NY) is the editor/writer of the award-winning The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference, a Book of the Month pick, as well as the critically acclaimed Skies of Fury and Asteroid. She has published more than 350 articles in such magazines as Popular Science, Astronomy, Omni, and Air & Space.
Thomas Eugene Svarney (New York, NY) has an extensive science background, having worked for over 18 years in the fields of engineering, physics, and material science. He is the coauthor (with Patricia) of Skies of Fury; The Handy Ocean Answer Book, a Quality Paperback Book Club selection; and The Oryx Guide to Natural History.

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ISBN: 9781573929714
ISBN-10: 1573929719
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Publication Date: June 1st, 2002
Pages: 225
Language: English