Immortality (Paperback)

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By Paul Edwards (Editor)
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Is there life after death or do we simply cease to exist? Renowned scholar Paul Edwards has compiled Immortality, a superb group of philosophical selections featuring the work of both classical and contemporary authors who address the topics of immortality, soul and body, transmigration, materialism, epiphenomenalism, physical research and parapsychology, reincarnation, disembodied existence, and much more.

In addition to a 70-page editorial introduction offering an in-depth discussion of the forms which belief in immortality has taken, this volume includes selections from Thomas Aquinas, A.J. Ayer, Paul and Linda Badham, John Beloff, C.D. Broad, Joseph Butler, Rene Descartes, C.J. Ducasse, Paul Edwards, Hugh Elliot, Antony Flew, John Foster, Peter Geach, John Hick, John Hospers, David Hume, William James, Raynor Johnson, Immanuel Kant, John Locke, Lucretius, Donald MacKay, John Stuart Mill, Derek Parfit, Plato, H.H. Price, Joseph Priestley, Thomas Reid, Tertullian, Peter van Inwagen, and Voltaire. Also included is a detailed annotated bibliography.

About the Author

Paul Edwards (1923-2004) was the author of Heidegger’s Confusions, Heidegger and Death, The Logic of Moral Discourse, and Reincarnation: A Critical Examination. He was also the editor of the monumental and highly acclaimed Encyclopedia of Philosophy, as well as Immortality. He taught for many years at Brooklyn College and the New School for Social Research.

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