Cities in the Wilderness: A New Vision of Land Use in America (Hardcover)

Cities in the Wilderness: A New Vision of Land Use in America Cover Image
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Praise For…

"...[E]ngaging genial, shrewd...he was willing to contemplate ideas about the relationship between people and land that few American leaders have ever entertained."

— Bill McKibben

"We feel so helpless in the face of the reality of dwindling resources. Bruce Babbitt's book shows a path to empower us."

— Frank Gehry

"Bruce Babbitt was a major architect of environmental policy throughout the eight years of my administration. In Cities in the Wilderness, he is building upon that legacy with a visionary program for a national land use policy."

— President Bill Clinton

"This marvelous and patriotic book could have been written only by Bruce Babbitt. It is environmental history in a critical time written by one of the best of our history makers."

— Edward O. Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus at Harvard University

"Gripping prose and a perfect blend of practicality with idealism make this book a unique contribution to the environmental literature."

— Jared Diamond, Pulitzer-Prize-winning author of "Guns, Germs, and Steel" and "Collapse"

Product Details
ISBN: 9781559630931
ISBN-10: 1559630930
Publisher: Island Press
Publication Date: August 26th, 2005
Pages: 224
Language: English