The Scuba Diving Handbook: The Complete Guide to Safe and Exciting Scuba Diving (Paperback)

The Scuba Diving Handbook: The Complete Guide to Safe and Exciting Scuba Diving Cover Image
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An essential resource for divers.

This comprehensive reference has information for divers of all levels, from the beginning basics to advanced skills and techniques for those with more experience. With its 350 full color photographs, easy-to-understand diagrams and tips from professionals, this book covers everything: the descent from the surface and the ascent back; all breathing techniques required; and advanced skills for cave diving, wreck diving, and search and recovery using the latest technology.

Combining detailed instruction with step-by-step exercises and practice programs, The Scuba Diving Handbook guides divers as they explore all aspects of the sport. Among the topics:

  • Choosing an instructor
  • The science of scuba
  • Deep diving
  • Raising heavy objects
  • Equipment failure
  • Boat handling before, during and after a dive
  • Diving with big animals nearby
  • Exploring wrecks
  • Finding (or avoiding) shark-infested waters.

There is a wealth of information for planning diving trips in temperate, tropical and even arctic waters, as well as expert advice on conquering fear, using underwater cameras and avoiding the bends. This book is ideal for any diver -- both newcomers requiring intensive guidance and advanced divers seeking a quick brush-up.

About the Author

John Bantin is a diving journalist and professional underwater photographer.

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ISBN: 9781554072804
ISBN-10: 1554072808
Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: August 17th, 2007
Pages: 192
Language: English