No Time Like Now (Hardcover)

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A teen finds himself in a race against time when he learns he's given away more years than he has left to live in this thought-provoking speculative romp.

It's been one year since Hazeem's father passed away unexpectedly, and one year since Hazeem got his special ability: He can grant any living thing extra time. Since then, he's been randomly granting people more years to live: his old friend Holly, his study buddy Yamany, his crush Jack. . . . The only problem is, none of them wanted to spend any of that time with Hazeem.

Now, Hazeem spends most of his days with his grandmother. When she experiences a heart attack, Hazeem is quick to use his power to save her--until Time themself appears and tells Hazeem he has accrued a time debt, having given away more life than he has left to live and putting the entire timeline in serious danger of collapse. In order to save the timeline and himself, Hazeem must take back some of the life he has granted other people. Suddenly, Hazeem is on a journey through and against time, but as he confronts the events of the past, he must confront the mistakes he made along the way. Hazeem will come to realize that when it comes to time, quality is more important to quantity--but is it too late to reclaim the life he's given away so he can really start living?

No Time Like Now is timely twist on A Christmas Carol that takes readers on a thought-provoking adventure, asking what matters most in life.

About the Author

Naz Kutub is a half-Indian, half-Malay immigrant from Singapore. His novels are inspired by his personal experiences growing up as a queer Muslim, and as someone raised on a calorie-dense diet of Eastern lore.

Praise For…

No Time Like Now is a wild ride where choices shape destinies and perceptions are challenged. This book will give you a newfound appreciation for the present moment and those you love most in the world!” —BookToker Kevin T. Norman @kevintnorman

“You know a book is incredible when you've cried all the tears while reading it--happy tears, sad tears, laugh-out-loud tears, and please-don't-let-it-end tears. A time-twisting tale of family, friendship and living every moment to its absolute fullest, No Time Like Now is one for the ages.” —BookToker Jaysen Headley @Ezeekat

“Raw, vulnerable, and wildly open-hearted . . . readers will be reminded that even the most heartbreaking moments can be intentionally treasured, no matter how they hurt.” —BCCB, starred review

“Kutub's depiction of Hazeem's earnest relationships build to a tender climax that is both heartrending and uplifting.” —Publishers Weekly

The Loophole took me on a magical journey that I didn't want to end. A perfect balance of heart and hilarity. Naz Kutub's debut had me rooting for Sy by the end of page of one. What an absolute delight of a book.” —Robbie Couch, author of THE SKY BLUES and BLAINE FOR THE WIN, on THE LOOPHOLE

“Every once in a while you come upon a book filled with so much voice it has its own pulse. The Loophole is not only laughing-until-I-cry hilarious, but full of heart. A brave debut that is sure to grant all of your bookish wishes.” —Dante Medema, author of THE TRUTH PROJECT, on THE LOOPHOLE

The Loophole is a celebration of queer Muslim identity, and a one-of-a-kind story about finding love, family, and--most importantly--yourself.” —Adiba Jaigirdar, author of THE HENNA WARS and HANI AND ISHU'S GUIDE TO FAKE DATING, on THE LOOPHOLE

The Loophole is a globetrotting, madcap adventure, filled with magic and plenty of heart. I laughed, I cried, and I had my heart broken, only for Naz Kutub to lovingly mend it back together with a queer story of acceptance and self-discovery.” —Erik J. Brown, author of ALL THAT'S LEFT IN THE WORLD, on THE LOOPHOLE

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ISBN: 9781547609284
ISBN-10: 1547609281
Publisher: Bloomsbury YA
Publication Date: February 6th, 2024
Pages: 320
Language: English