Kung Fu Animal Power Fu Book Monkey (Paperback)

Kung Fu Animal Power Fu Book Monkey By Scott Jensen Cover Image
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Kung Fu Animal Power uses 18 different Animals to teach classic virtues, build strong athletic bodies with good posture and body mechanics, and learn self defense. This Fu Book (or Lucky Fun Book) is an activity book for students in the Kung Fu Animal Power program who are learning the Monkey. In this book, you will learn all about the lessons of the Monkey that you will study in class including: Monkey Virtue: Be Clever - Solve The Problem Use your cleverness to solve problems. Learn how to come up with different ideas, and figure out which solution is the best. Monkey Body Mechanic Lesson: Quick Turns Old Saying in Martial Arts: "Turn Like a Monkey" Because Monkeys can stand on two legs, they can pivot quickly in place. Animals with four legs cannot do this. Instead, four legged animals must make a u-turn, or small circle, to turn around. This gives monkeys, and humans, a huge advantage against charging animals. Monkey Drills: "Monkey Turns" The Monkey teaches dynamic leaping skills. The Monkey Turns are ways to quickly turn to face someone attacking you from the side, or rear, and defend yourself at the same time. These are great self defense skills that can help you survive a surprise attack. Monkey Moves: Leaping Monkey Attack Monkeys are very dangerous and strong. The Monkey fighting moves are a set of 4 exercises. A powerful pull down, a strong palm strike, and a special quick turn, and a huge leaping attack with combined palm and knee strikes. These four exercises are combined into one exciting sequence that loops back and forth. This Fu Book has photos of all the Monkey Moves and Drills. Learn about the Monkey King and his special powers You'll also find: Fun Facts About Real Monkeys Discussion Questions Great Games Awesome Pictures Drawings to Color Learn how to write "Monkey" in Chinese Learn how to write "Clever" in Chinese Stories and Chinese Idioms.

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Publication Date: May 25th, 2017
Pages: 56
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