Life's Journey and Impact of an Immigrant (Hardcover)

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Time and time again Andolelye encouraged herself that, despite God's favor; she is obligated to overcome obstacles of life. Being a Christian she believes that "some dreams" are God's oriented; therefore the key to their fulfillment is in Him. In her early twenties, Andolelye the 7th daughter of a Tanzanian farmer, got married and moved to Kenya after which she relocated to USA despite great resistance. Growing up in poverty, she developed a desire to have a better life. A college dropout, Ando entered in marriage unprepared. As a foreigner in Kenya without job, she wasn't at peace. Afterwards she was granted USA VISA. Now she was certain that her life is going to take a positive turn. Unfortunately Ando's transitions to both countries, Kenya and USA were not healthy. During her early years in California, she encountered language barriers, unemployment, parental incompetency, illness, and unhealthy ministry and family life. After many struggles, Ando realized that the American VISA was not an entry to prosperity; rather a passport into a different location and culture. As she continued to journey, Ando realized that what you don't know can be fatal. Most of her pitfalls and setbacks resulted from not knowing what she knows today. Generation to generation people learn to educate. That's the reason, Ando couldn't keep her experience (through struggles and triumphs) private. She's exposing her shattered expectations, and lessons learned for you not to fall where she fell. The question is, will her children overcome fear, shame, emotional pain of poverty and negative cultural influence? More important, what impact does Ando's ministry and journey make?

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ISBN: 9781545631942
ISBN-10: 1545631948
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: March 29th, 2018
Pages: 122
Language: English