The Eleventh Plague: An Irreverent Supplement to Your Supermarket Hagaddah (Paperback)

The Eleventh Plague: An Irreverent Supplement to Your Supermarket Hagaddah By Henry a. Levenstein Cover Image
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The Eleventh Plague will make your Passover experience more fun, more interesting. It's not a Hagaddah, but a humorous and slightly irreverent supplement to which ever one you use at your seder. Just don't let anyone see you reading it while the charoses is being passed around. And put away that cell phone. Where are your manners?Why is Passover, the most celebrated Jewish holiday there is, most commonly interpreted for us by a document that's a supermarket giveaway? We all know that the seder is about repetition. We're retelling the same story, over and over, again and again, at this one's house, and that one's. It never changes. This in a world with seven thousand TV channels and YouTube. If we leave that retelling to a Hagaddah produced by someone who just wants to sell groceries, we get a generic, familiar, and boring interpretation. It's always the same ten plagues; the frogs, the lice, that mysterious cattle disease, etc. Yet in our lifetime, we've seen Ebola, SARS, Tamagotchi, hurricanes, Howard Cosell, wildfires, traffic like you wouldn't believe, earthquakes, and Chris Christie. Why can't some of those rain down on Pharaoh and his crowd every so often, just to liven things up?The mind can wander during the Passover ritual, and this book is the result of the author's thoughts while not totally focused on the ancient rabbis and what they considered enlightening. Generally, after the third cup of wine. Open this little book, and here's some of what you'll find: - Why Moses really had that tsuris with Aaron.- A chance meeting with The Almighty, at a donut shop.- The Last Day of Passover SongSo, read The Eleventh Plague. Maybe it'll liven up the conversation around the table.

About the Author

Henry A. Levenstein has been running his family seder ever since he became the oldest Jew in the room. Since he never liked the hagaddahs they give you for buying enough matzo and gefilte fish at the supermarket, he started doing his own after grandpa, well, you know... Henry also wrote a bunch of scripts for Purim plays at his temple. Even his rabbi laughed, which is saying something. When not doing this mishugas, he sells toilet paper and other exciting supplies for a nice company that should have known better than to hire him. He dwells among his family and friends in the Land of Central Jersey.

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