Saddle Broncs: Just for the Helluvit (Paperback)

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You might think this book is a collection of rodeo pictures. But it's more. It's about the descendants of the open range horses that took on the cowboys back in a day long gone. It's about the Saddle Broncs... their origin, where they come their athleticism, strength and courage. In this book they're the winners.David Ullman combines his professional copywriter's instinct for text that's concise and to the point with his personal approach to photography. In"Saddle Broncs" his camera puts you ringside as the horses come out of the chute challenging the rider to stay on for what has to be the longest 8 seconds in the world.

About the Author

With more than 40 years in the creative department at advertising agencies on both coasts, David Ullman has worked on developing campaigns for clients in virtually every industry in the US. These days he and his camera are found wherever he decides to go. Then "... one day after retiring I had to ask myself 'why do I have all these pictures stored?' After a bit of thought I had the idea that I could take the best of my pictures, subject by subject, and put them into a book that gets right to the point of the pictures." David's books reflect his personal travels, motorcycles, fishing, and things that simply capture his fancy. "Prossionally I was committed to the concept that it takes both words and pictures to create effective communication. I guess I still am."

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ISBN: 9781543934427
ISBN-10: 1543934420
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: October 28th, 2018
Pages: 50
Language: English