The Global Refugee Crisis: Fleeing Conflict and Violence (Library Binding)

The Global Refugee Crisis: Fleeing Conflict and Violence By Stephanie Sammartino McPherson Cover Image
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According to a UN tally, more than 1 million people fled violence and persecution in 2015. Of these, more than half were children. Thousands died along the way. The Syrian civil war as well as armed conflicts in Nigeria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and the Central African Republic contributed to the continuing exodus of people into Europe and North America. Learn more about these modern mass exoduses, what is fueling them in the 21st century, how nations are addressing the crises, how refugees contribute to and strain communities, and what kinds of solutions could help. Along the way, you'll meet actual refugees and the people who are trying to help.

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ISBN: 9781541528116
ISBN-10: 1541528115
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books (Tm)
Publication Date: January 1st, 2019
Pages: 128
Language: English