Miami Misnomer (Paperback)

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Simon Rolla was a violent and troubled youth with a scarred checkered past and a painful dark secret. He's now a member of the notorious City of Miami Police Department, despite being raised in an impoverished Miami neighborhood where death, drugs, and crime reigned supreme.

Simon's days are kept busy protecting and serving the citizens of Miami from the chaos that surrounds these mean streets. As his grandmother, Ma Ader, his boss, Captain Murphy, and his godfather, Shipyard, lay the groundwork for what seems to be a destiny filled with killers, gangsters, and cops. Simon's dreams of becoming a good cop defending the weak and helpless now lay in the balances of karma. For what he has done causes turbulent storms of reciprocity to come to Overtown, causing him to commit unthinkable acts with consequences and enough power to change the course of his future.

Given a second chance at life, follow Simon's dissension into the abyss of Hell as he maneuvers his way through the asphalt jungles of Miami's most dangerous Overtown and Liberty City sections. Simon bravely attempts to find redemption amid a City consumed with hate, greed and murderous religious cults.

Miami Misnomer is a captivating and compelling urban tale. It provides a glimpse of the gritty trek through the dangerous streets of Miami's forbidden neighborhoods as a forsaken boy grows into a man, and does everything he can just to survive.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781535609678
ISBN-10: 1535609672
Publisher: Robert Earl
Publication Date: July 27th, 2017
Pages: 204
Language: English