Path of War Expanded (Paperback)

Path of War Expanded By Jade Ripley, Christopher Bennett Cover Image
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The Path of War continues onward Inside the pages of this tome, your options for martial characters more than double Within Path of War Expanded you will find more maneuvers, stances, and feats for your existing martial disciples as well as a host of new options There are new classes, archetypes, martial traditions, and even the new class template that provides a way to use a single archetype for different character classes. Path of War Expandedcontains: Three new base classes, from the ill-omened harbinger, to the psychic zealot, and finally the arcane mystic who all mix supernatural elements into their martial combat styles. Nine new martial disciplines like Cursed Razor, Eternal Guardian, and Sleeping Goddess A host of archetypes for the three original classes from Path of War and the three new classes from Path of War Expanded Martial archetypes for core and psionic classes, including options for the Aegis, Dread, and Marksman classes from Ultimate Psionics Class templates, which provides archetypes that work across multiple classes Martial style feats for all the different disciplines, including those originally found in Path of War like Iron Tortouise and Solar Wind More than a dozen new martial traditions And new and optional rules and clarifications to martial combat that will take your martial characters to a whole new level Come and enjoy the spoils of battle with Path of War Expanded This version of Path of War Expanded has black & white interior.

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ISBN: 9781533413918
ISBN-10: 1533413916
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 9th, 2016
Pages: 190
Language: English