Carry on Regardless: Getting to the Bottom of Britain's Favourite Comedy Films (Hardcover)

Carry on Regardless: Getting to the Bottom of Britain's Favourite Comedy Films By Caroline Mary Frost Cover Image
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The completely updated story of Carry On, Britain's largest film franchise, all the way from the gentle capers of the 1950s, through the raucous golden age of the 1960s, to its struggles in the decades that followed.

We take a happy walk down memory lane to enjoy again Sid James's cheeky chuckle, Kenneth Williams' elongated vowels, Charles Hawtrey's bespectacled bashfulness and Barbara Windsor's naughty wiggle.

It all seemed effortless, but exclusive interviews with the series' remaining stars including Bernard Cribbins, Angela Douglas and Kenneth Cope shed new light on just how much talent and hard work went into creating the laughs. For the first time, the loved ones of some of the franchise's biggest names - on and off screen - share their personal memories from this unique era.

Was Carry On really as sexist, racist and bigoted as critics claim? Three of the films' female stars explain why they never felt remotely exploited, plus we take a fresh look at some of the series' biggest titles and discover that, in reality, they were far more progressive than their detractors would have you believe.

Finally, with constant talk about new films, fresh productions and tantalizing speculation about a brand new era of Carry On, we ask - does this unique series still have legs?

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ISBN: 9781526774781
ISBN-10: 152677478X
Publisher: White Owl
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Pages: 232
Language: English