Flight Attendants Lost In the Line of Duty: Factual Accounts of Flight Attendant Actions in Life Threatening Incidents (Paperback)

Flight Attendants Lost In the Line of Duty: Factual Accounts of Flight Attendant Actions in Life Threatening Incidents Cover Image
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"The pilots were attempting to return to Honolulu but with the failure of both engines on the right wing of the UAL 747, combined with massive structural damage, there was a very real possibility that they would be required to ditch. The thought of ditching into the ocean in the dark of night is daunting. The flight attendants could have secured themselves in their jump seats but instead stood in the aisles to prepare their passengers. The roar of the air rushing by at a speed of 190 to 200 knots was deafening in the cabin. The flight attendants could only "mime" the instructions for passengers to look at their Safety Cards and to demonstrate the donning of life vests."
"The Aloha 737 was severely damaged, literally now a convertible and was in emergency descent with speeds of 280 to 290 knots. The roar of the wind was deafening. The forward flight attendant had been sucked out of the cabin as it ruptured. The aft flight attendant was seriously injured. The mid flight attendant, suffering minor injuries and being the only one able, rather than securing herself in her jump seat, she crawled up and down the aisle calming her passengers and assisting the injured."
Flight Attendants Lost offers a fascinating look into what went on inside the airplane from actual aircraft accident and incident case studies spanning decades and countries. The book covers the intense training, the ongoing vigilance, the behind the scenes team work and the committed actions of flight attendants in emergency situations. It uncovers the complexities of aircraft safety design and makes sense of the reasons behind safety rules and regulations making this book an educational must read for air travellers. Flight Attendants Lost is not only an eye-opener but is a reassuring read that will make you look at flying differently. It is also a beautifully written memorial tribute to the hundreds of flight attendants who, over the years, have given their lives In the Line of Duty....

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ISBN: 9781525523182
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Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: July 18th, 2018
Pages: 162
Language: English