The Nigerian Letter (Paperback)

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Sid Carter is an American CPA who receives a letter from a stranger in Nigeria offering him a generous percentage if Sid will only help him export his $60 million fortune out of Africa. Acting on a whim, Sid finds himself drawn into a world of intrigue that takes him to Paris, the Sahara desert, Switzerland and finally into the Islamic mosques of Cleveland. At the same time that Sid is helping the Nigerian retrieve his money, agents from Homeland Security are tracking a sinister cell of Islamic jihadists who are planning a major act of terror to mark the anniversary of September 11th. Agent Jasmine Bloom has become an expert on Arab terrorism ever since her husband and two children were brutally murdered by jihadists in their London home. She has traced the roots of the Moslem Brotherhood back to Hitler's Nazi party and the Arab divisions in the Waffen-SS and she is determined that their evil shall not be repeated. Following the interception of a truck carrying a nuclear bomb, high in the French Alps, the action moves swiftly towards its unexpected heart-wrenching conclusion in a luxury yacht moored in the placid waters of Monte Carlo harbor.

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ISBN: 9781519498328
ISBN-10: 1519498322
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2015
Pages: 220
Language: English