The Lost Books of the Tasty Griot: A sacred can of holy whoopass (Paperback)

The Lost Books of the Tasty Griot: A sacred can of holy whoopass By Philippe Boucard Cover Image
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The lost books of the Tasty GriotA sacred can of holy whoopassYou are now using a flat screen TV, smart phone and a laptop, the time has come to update your brain and delete the hallucinations and the belief you inherited from a bunch of goat herders from 2000 years ago.Islam.....stupid enough to believe an inane fairy tale about a jackass riding a winged horse into heaven.Contributing to the moral, ethical and mental decay of society for 2000 years and counting, religions are alike microwaves: nothing good comes out of them. If prayers are so important, why do churches ask for money instead of prayers?Jesus and Allah are the leaders of the voices in the heads of a few blooming idiots. When a voice in your head commands you to kill, like Abraham, Muhammad, Allah, God and their followers, you don't need submission, prayers or Faith in the Lord, you need medication, strong, potent medication.

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ISBN: 9781518862434
ISBN-10: 1518862438
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 30th, 2015
Pages: 278
Language: English