The Sea Hides a Seahorse (Hardcover)

The Sea Hides a Seahorse By Sara T. Behrman, Melanie Mikecz (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Sara T. Behrman, Melanie Mikecz (Illustrator)
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In lyrical prose
with beautifully rendered illustrations, this gorgeous picture book introduces
young readers to the amazing world of seahorses.

Hidden in the ocean of
colorful fish, octopus, kelp, sea sponges, and other wildlife is a most unique
creature: the seahorse. Watch it play in the seagrass, hunt among the
mangroves, and sway with the sea fans. Can you find it as it camouflages and
changes colors? The ocean is home to a variety of creatures, but the small and
delicate seahorse creates a beautifully rich and fascinating life that is
distinctly its own.

Featuring different
species of seahorses and seadragons across the world, The Sea Hides a
is a subtle seek-and-find story that journeys underwater to glimpse into the secrets of seahorses
as they swim, hide, hunt, court, mate, and more. Included at the back is more
information about seahorses and how to support their protection and

Product Details
ISBN: 9781513139227
ISBN-10: 1513139223
Publisher: West Margin Press
Publication Date: May 16th, 2023
Pages: 32
Language: English