Unveil My Millennium: Has the World Church Said to God Sit-Be Quiet-Listen Up (Paperback)

Unveil My Millennium: Has the World Church Said to God Sit-Be Quiet-Listen Up By Eric Nimberger Cover Image
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Within is the unveiling of the seventh and final millennium, ending God's struggles with man. Documented within an organized arrangement of scriptures, God has laid before man that, if man so desires, he may understand as crystal clear what is and what is not. Unveiling the glorious table God has set for his chosen children of light, they, being his delight, will experience living within the Triune One, as one. Christ, at his last two comings, will remove his bride from the earth, reseeding heaven again. Ushering in the one thousand year millennial rest, Christs heaven in waiting. This new Eden returns to the Father, as the Father returns the new heaven and earth to his Son, and time desolves into eternal ALL in ALL as ONE

The millennium is not one of God's mysteries. Sadly, it continues to be veiled, hidden by the darkness that wanders within the world church giving false teachings and doctrines; dissolving truth; nurturing well-rooted lies; and stealing away the knowledge of the peace and joy God's chosen, and only his chosen, will experience with him in this beginning stage of heaven, the seventh final millennium.

Man through free will (see front pages) and satanic coercion can pierce God's Word, maligning it terminal and useless to the edification of truth. The prodding of the Holy Spirit red flags this to the chosen that listen So this study examines word changes, additions, deletions, etc. (see page 2).

"Your book strikes me as one of dedicated study and a commendable desire for accuracy of rendition. I most admire the textual cross-analysis, and the discourse you carry on with scripture conveys an electrical energy. Your argument consistently adheres to an internal logic. The topical index and the key to your system of cross-referencing symbols as well as the explanatory footnotes are all effective aids to the reader" (A librarian's comments).

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