Justice as Equality and Neutrality (Paperback)

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The ideal of liberal neutrality and the ideal of equality are often seen as a trade-off. If the State has to be neutral between the interests of the rich and the poor, it is supposed to not intervene redistributing resources between them. Neutrality is thus associated to the ideal of a laissez-faire free market system, while equality is generally seen as an ideal requiring State policies aiming at equal opportunity. In this book neutrality and equality are presented as compatible and complementary ideals, rather than antagonist. First, it is shown that the moral justification of neutrality ultimately relies on a particular ideal of equality called "equal respect". Second, there are principles of justice and State policies aimed at improving equality of opportunity that can be neutrally justifiable. It is also provided a neutral justification of Rawls' difference principle, showing even how libertarian thinkers may agree on it.

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ISBN: 9781508995234
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Publication Date: March 26th, 2015
Pages: 186
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