So What If I'm Silver, I'm Still a Fox! (Paperback)

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Author Joyce M. Baker used to believe in the gray-hair myths. Moving from Akron, Ohio, to Los Angeles, California, she resolved to keep her blond hair blond for as long as possible. As a socialite mixing with celebrities, she felt she had to maintain a youthful appearance at any cost. But as the damaging dye treatments stacked up, she began to wonder if she had another option.

In her inspiring and witty book, So What If I'm Silver, I'm Still a Fox, Baker shares how she decided to age naturally, allowing her golden locks to return to their own silvery sheen. Instead of harming her image, she started receiving more compliments than ever before. By revealing the very thing she had been trying to hide, Baker actually grew more confident in her appearance-and herself.

Learn how you, too, can embrace your age and begin to see your natural appearance with fresh eyes. Looking sexy and feeling self-assured aren't only traits of the young. The truth is these qualities don't deteriorate with age-they transform into something altogether better. Are you ready to accept your silver status and embark on an entirely new adventure?

About the Author

Joyce M. Baker is renowned for her fabulously silver hair. Sister of seven siblings and mother of one child, she attended Akron University in Ohio before working as an event planner and personal concierge in Los Angeles, where she's now lived for over thirty-five years.

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ISBN: 9781507686249
ISBN-10: 1507686242
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 20th, 2015
Pages: 100
Language: English