The Brass Bottle (Paperback)

The Brass Bottle By F. Anstey Cover Image
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"This day six weeks-just six weeks ago " Horace Ventimore said, half aloud, to himself, and pulled out his watch. "Half-past twelve-what was I doing at half-past twelve?" As he sat at the window of his office in Great Cloister Street, Westminster, he made his thoughts travel back to a certain glorious morning in August which now seemed so remote and irrecoverable. At this precise time he was waiting on the balcony of the H tel de la Plage-the sole hostelry of St. Luc-en-Port, the tiny Normandy watering-place upon which, by some happy inspiration, he had lighted during a solitary cycling tour-waiting until She should appear. He could see the whole scene: the tiny cove, with the violet shadow of the cliff sleeping on the green water; the swell of the waves lazily lapping against the diving-board from which he had plunged half an hour before; he remembered the long swim out to the buoy; the exhilarated anticipation with which he had dressed and climbed the steep path to the hotel terrace.

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ISBN: 9781502928917
ISBN-10: 1502928914
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 6th, 2014
Pages: 118
Language: English