The Art of Teaching - Workbook for Teaching Oriental Dance: Teach With Authority and Know How! (Paperback)

The Art of Teaching - Workbook for Teaching Oriental Dance: Teach With Authority and Know How! By Morwenna Assaf Cover Image
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This book is formulated to help you bridge the gap between being a student and becoming a teacher. There are certain things you need to know. There are things you need to know before you start teaching other people. To begin with bodies can be damaged by wrongful teaching. You need to not only know the steps and movements but how to articulate them. Then there are other things about teaching that you might never have thought about. Thinks like how to break the steps down. Asking your self why someone did not get the step the way you wanted it? All these and more you need to know before you take money form someone. Later is too late. In this book we begin to answer all of these things so - you will know what you are doing. If you do run across something not covered then you can contact us to get the answer. We are here to help you. That is what education is all about. Getting the answers. Be an educated teacher so Middle Eastern Dance (belly Dance - if you will) can get the respect it deserves and not be considered the Ugly Step-sister. We want you to be "GREAT" at what you do. "Why be good when you can be great.

About the Author

Morwenna Assaf: DANCER AND DRUMMER: - This business was started in the Boston /Rhode Island area in 1980 by this husband and wife team. Opened in 1998 in Southern CA. Morwenna's background in dance started in the UK and Montreal before studying in Boston and NYC. Walid started as a child in Lebanon before moving to the Boston area and finally here here in Eastern TN. This couple has been on the stage most of their lives, both performing as children. Their repertoire is vast and sticks primarily to the Levantine area of the Middle East. Morwenna is also an author and has penned fourteen (14) books to date. All related to the Studies of Arabic dance and music. She is a member of CID-UNESCO. Both have taught and performed internationally. 2017 found her teaching quarterly Intensives in Lexington KY and Nashville TN. Traveling to teach and perform in Orlando FL and New England and other fun places. Sharing her knowledge with her husband is her joy in life. ADA-El Fen finds the Assafs sharing their books into courses with YesCourse and CourseCraft, doing Webinars for all levels of dance and more exciting things being planned. http: //

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