Escape to Osiris: The Religilante (Paperback)

Escape to Osiris: The Religilante By Victor Roswell Cover Image
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Escape to Osiris is set in the mid nineteen eighties America. It tells the tale of two friends, who embark upon a mission to rescue gullible captives from the clutches of a religious sect. Peter is the millionaire son of a Texan oil tycoon, and he resides in a plush apartment in a California Hotel. He has lectured at the U.C.L.A in 'Comparative Religions', and is respected and acclaimed in several Countries. Stanley first visited America whilst convalescing following a serious coal mining accident in England. He is an archetypal Englishman and Noel Coward wannabe. As they both frequented the same local restaurant, they soon became friends. Subsequent to Peter advertising his services as a 'Universal Vicar', and a lecturer in diverse religions, their concern was drawn to a proposition from an enigmatic Doctor Baker from Wyoming. He unashamedly boasted of a family of two hundred and seventy, and they all resided under one roof in Wyoming. Peter and Stanley feared a cult was at work, and that the ostensibly knavish Doctor Baker was their charismatic leader. Following a very impressive, yet autocratic meeting with said Doctor, they agreed to accept his most lucrative offer, which would present them with an opportunity to covertly investigate the erroneous Doctor Baker, and his alleged family further. The experiences that they share are often hilarious, but on occasion, tragic.

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ISBN: 9781500792497
ISBN-10: 1500792497
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 14th, 2014
Pages: 120
Language: English