The Religion of Gold: Myths, Models, and the Seven Things You Need to Know to Raise Your Returns (Paperback)

The Religion of Gold: Myths, Models, and the Seven Things You Need to Know to Raise Your Returns By Jeffrey Jones Cover Image
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What drives the price of gold?

The history of gold is fraught with folly and peril, obsessions and blind faith. Our powerful, deeply-embedded beliefs have driven us to pay unimaginable prices during lusty bubbles while at other times leave gold forgotten in the gutters of global finance. For over a century, rational investors have struggled to understand why, and more importantly, how to profit.

After a brief romp through the 6,000 year history of gold, laying the foundation for the origin of our misconceptions, Jeffrey methodically constructs a new framework for analyzing gold and its related investments. Stripped of our ancient emotional and cultural biases and drawing from over a century of data, the truth about gold and how to value it is laid bare. The result is both shockingly simple and elegantly intuitive.

It will challenge your beliefs and make you a better investor.
"Since the 1970s I've interviewed more financial analysts than anyone on the planet. I'd definitely rank Jeffrey Jones' insights & strategies near the top of any savvy investor's list." - Joe Bradley, publisher of Investor's Hotline.

About the Author

A veteran of the hedge fund and commodity trading industries, Jeffrey Dow Jones is an investment manager, consultant, and strategist. He is the publisher of the popular economics newsletter, Alpine Advisor, and author of The Trade of the Decade: A Guide to Investing in the 2010s.

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