Six Months To Live: Your Sunday School Lesson: Kickin' The Devil's Ass (Paperback)

Six Months To Live: Your Sunday School Lesson: Kickin' The Devil's Ass By Jay C. Polmar Cover Image
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Six Months To Live John, a young seaman, only 22 years old, discovers during a routine physical examination, that he has terminal lung cancer with only Six Months To Live. The Navy discharges him, and we find him in a sleazy motel with a loaded gun and 2 bottles of Jim Beam ready to pull the trigger. But first, he goes across the street to a seedy bar to get a few drinks and fortify his difficult intent. One more night to live it up, perhaps before ending it? The next thing he knows, he's accepting drinks from a beautiful barmaid with golden blond hair who is wearing a gold cross. Pulled from his self-destructive haze by this Angelic woman, he's led through the smoke-filled bar into a private room where everything changes. Little does John know how interesting his life is about to become. ... Now part of the God Force - aimed at saving the world for God, and helping prepare it for the second coming of Jesus Christ, his military know-how will prove useful. He'll also discover how different God and Jesus are from what he'd been taught his entire life. God is stern and serious just as the Bible had said, but he was also loud, laid back, humorous and full of love and surprises. Jesus is a hippie, he lives for peace and love-and the occasional field of mushrooms. And then there's Angela. She's God and Mother Nature's daughter, strong, opinionated, and full of promise for a damaged planet and maybe even our young dying hero. Follow them on their mission to save Earth. See the Heavens in a whole new light through John's eyes as they conquer evil and go against the Mr. Evil himself-Satan. ... Laugh like you've never laugh before as the attack earth and spread God's gold love dust and gather all the evil and send it to Las Vegas. ... Mixed Genre: Humor, Religion, Politics, Medicine, Terrorism, Vampires, Alcoholism, Addictions, and much more. Laugh until it hurts, and then laugh more.

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ISBN: 9781499538588
ISBN-10: 1499538588
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 12th, 2014
Pages: 422
Language: English