Grand Slam Tendulkar: with Team India 2007-11 (Abridged / Paperback)

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'Grand Slam' is a metaphor is derived from tennis. Cricket, like tennis, depends on surfaces. Winning 6-0 at times is cool, but the best can do 6-2, 6-4 again and again, across continents. Grand Slam Tendulkar is the cricketing equivalent of that
Grand Slam Tendulkar, is essentially the last chapter of "Lessons at Love All Play- Legend Tendulkar Matters" (Amazon ASIN B00H0LABVK, Nov 30 2013).*

Re-live a golden era of Indian cricket 2007-11, with match summaries of Indian Cricket Legend Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar and Team India in Tests & ODIs.

Tendulkar brought up his third Test Grand Slam, and raised his ODI game, yet again, to help India get to the top in both formats. He had a mind-boggling range of match winning performances, as well as, support contributions-the profile of a tournament winner. Win matches on your day and help your teammates win it on their day

Team India grabbed their #loveAllPlayMoment-the point when a team is ready to compete globally-to get ahead of every other nation. Sehwag, Gambhir, Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman, Ganguly, Yuvraj, Dhoni, Kumble, Harbhajan, Zaheer Khan, with other young stars- Kohli, Ishant Sharma, Ashwin, Pujara, Rohit Sharma and others - were one heck of an 'Incredible India' combination.

Topics covered: - The Test Grand Slam- performing against/in each country
- Tendulkar's Test Cycles- 3.5 Grand Slams
- Match summary of every Test series of India 07-11, crediting other legends and young stars.
- Tendulkar's amazing '07-11, the numbers which matter Tendulkar achieved some stunning sequences in consistency, which any other legend, from any era would envy.
- India ahead of every Test country - Ranked #1 irrespective of ICC ratings
- ODI World Cups- Tendulkar the opener
- World Cup Bowling review (since '92) - England and West Indies on top
- India in WC '11- getting the phases and chases right

*This abridged version is for readers, who do not wish to get into sports essays or cricket theory, but want to get directly into the matches. The best lessons are learnt in real games, after all A synopsis of the earlier sections of the original, is provided with an Appendix for reference. The same hashtag nomenclature is followed. However, rivalries of Tendulkar with other legends- Lara, Ponting, Kallis, the great bolwers of 1990-2000s, and comparative notes related to past legends are in the original only.

About the Author

Saumil Bhukhanwala (@saumilzx) is a Computer Engineer (MS, Iowa State) and an avid travel photographer. He holds two patents in the USPTO and has specialised in Digital Imaging, implementing the Zone System of Ansel Adams. He is most thankful for a campus job at the Iowa State Daily, as a photographer. He presently creates travel packages for SEAsia, an area where he has published photographic guides. He is finishing a travel app for the iPad. Here is what he hopes to contribute in: Technology: Saumil has been using Apple products since 20 years, and loves discussing IP and interface/user experience of products and apps on the Mac/iOS. He is catching up with iOS programming, to ensure that his travel apps are as good as his first hand experience. He also hopes to create tutorials for using Mac/iOS for various purposes, especially content creation. Travel: South Thailand (PhangNga bay), Angkor (Cambodia, Siem Reap), Bangkok, Singapore and Bali are his main areas. Magical experiences on your first trip is almost a given, even on a short holiday, with Saumil's travel company TerraXYZ. This will be wrapped into apps on the iPad in 2014. Taken a bit longer, but the objective is to create an app which does the job in 3 taps. Editing 100,000 photos and getting the animations to snap in around GPS-maps, has been challenging but rewarding. Sports: Saumil has been a table tennis player during school and college days. He also studies chess, cricket and cue-sports but follows tennis, soccer when possible. We all watch sport in our free time. Might as well study it and see how we fell short in our early days! The most fascinating aspect of world sport is how great players 'reply' to opponents and situations. He is obsessed with many rivalries and fortunately, we can follow it all online and with videos replays. Saumil's first sports book - Dot Chess, The Cricket in Between explores the chess in cricket. His recent book: Lessons at Love All Play - Legend Tendulkar Matters! is about Indian legend Sachin Tendukar and his journey, as felt by the mind of the author. Shotzx is Saumil's web resource, where we can study examples and scoring patterns from one sport and apply them to another. One day we will have a formalised method to do that, and also to play a sport with scoring system of others (with adjustments).

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