Child Support Kills: How To Avoid Becoming A Child Support Casualty (Paperback)

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Child Support Kills is the only book of its kind designed to highlight tragic events induced by inequitable child support laws and by the people who are sworn to accurately interpret and equitably apply the law. Rather than devalue child support or the child support enforcement system, Child Support Kills provides guidance (not legal advice) on how non-custodial parents can effectively challenge unlawful discretionary decisions made by adjudicators presiding over child support matters so that they can avoid becoming a mortality statistic-hence the subtitle-How To Avoid Becoming A Child Support Casualty. Unfortunately, the ultimate victims of these tragic events are the children. Like the case of four-year-old Lauren Key, who prosecutors claim was pushed off a cliff while hiking with her father, Cameron John Brown, because he did not want to pay child support. Whether being torn between both parents through the systematic ostracization of the non-custodial parent, being left parentless through murder or suicide, or being caught on the receiving end of a non-custodial parent's rage, the children are always the innocent victims. Child Support Kills unearths a hidden crisis ironically caused by a system that was created to address the best interest of children. The strategy for most advocates of child support reform is to attack the problem from the top down by creating congressional petitions or introducing new legislation designed to propagate change throughout a broken and antiquated system. However, the strategy outlined in Child Support Kills attacks the problem from the bottom up by assisting non-custodial parents with identifying unjust decisions made in child support courts and providing guidance on challenging these decisions at the Appellate Court level, thereby, potentially setting a legal precedence for all non-custodial parents faced with like matters of legal adversity.

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ISBN: 9781499106466
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 1st, 2014
Pages: 196
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