Soul + Salsa = Soulsa (2015): Tradigital Multicultural Music Scores (Paperback)

Soul + Salsa = Soulsa (2015): Tradigital Multicultural Music Scores By Arttsi Institute Cover Image
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Soul + Salsa = Soulsa. Original Multicultural Music Scores. In the New World, African music understanding merged with the Europeans and created new forms that didn't exist before. The amazing thing about Salsa & Latin Music is that it follows percussionist, therefore African, musical rules and approaches to composition, arrangement and ensembles. Skilled percussionists have many techniques that are not found in the majority of European musics. Afro-Latin music techniques are synthesized into exciting songs and studies: - Culture Crossing, Piano, Vocals, Chords & Rumba Parts. 5 pages. - Lost In Love, Piano, Vocals, Chords. 2 pages. - Montuno Etude No. 1, Piano Solo. 1 page. - My Fantasy, Piano, Vocals. 13 pages. - Release To The Flow, Piano, Vocals, Whistling & Chords. 4 pages. - Swing Montuno, Piano, Chords, Bembe Percussion Roles Diagram. 2 pages. - Take Me Home, Bass, Keyboard, Violin, Vocals. 7 pages. - That Makes This Heaven, Bass, Keyboard, Violin, Vocals, Cha Cha / Salsa Romantica Percussion Diagram. 4 pages. - Universe Of Love, Piano, Vocals, Chords, Guitar Fret-boards. 6 pages. - Yoruba Diasporas, Piano, Chords, Afro-Caribbean Rumba Percussion Diagram. 5 pages.

About the Author

Teo Vincent IV composes serene chiming songs, futuristic fusions, and complex rhythmic exercises for astounding dexterity. You will thoroughly enjoy the balance of technology, virtuosity and flowing lyrical melodic lines in this volume of timely, diverse songs and studies. Vincent and the Givnology Charmony Division team have combined over half a century of expert experience in performing, composing, arranging and teaching. From this great wealth of knowledge and learning technologies we have expert knowledge with practical tips and techniques for a diverse array of musical and cultural uses. Accompaniment chords and guitar fret-boards have been added to many songs allowing those who love music to understand it much better, and have a fun introduction to harmony, chordal song construction and integrate classical and other forms of music in their awareness. The World Music area includes Latin & Caribbean ensemble tips & improvisation techniques. Percussion diagrams clearly show how all of the percussion instruments relate to each other, giving understanding of musical arrangement from a rhythmic perspective. This volume is excellent for classroom study and exercises, private lessons, and self-study. The goal of the creators is to uphold the beautiful traditions of creating, performing, enjoying and sharing the timeless gift of music and musical cultures. Passing on this joy and gift of making, understanding and enjoying the great feeling of music is a success in itself. May the great art of music be passed on and enliven all who wish it!

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