Family Manual For Loved Ones: A Family Manual For Your Loved Ones In The Event Of Your Incapacity Or Death (Paperback)

Family Manual For Loved Ones: A Family Manual For Your Loved Ones In The Event Of Your Incapacity Or Death Cover Image
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None of us wants to do this. None of us wants to think about our passing and perhaps even more becoming incapacitated before our death leaving a burden on those we love. That is why wills are put off, powers of attorney are put off and even making a living will and medical directive that will ease the burden of those who have to deal with problems we have not anticipated. This is not a book only for those in retirement or who have just been diagnosed with a serious illness. It is for anyone of any age who has loved ones and has affairs that they will have to handle on your incapacitation or passing. There is little you can do to show your love more than to anticipate and help them to survive without you. This book may be helpful even if a manual is not prepared as it will cover subjects to think about and if you are someone charged with taking care of affairs of a friend or family member it may also help you to start a checklist of things you need to consider. Of course that is a whole lot easier if there is a manual to help direct you in your search and in performing your duties.

About the Author

The author graduated from Kenyon College in 1963 Magna Cum Laude, high honors in economics and was inducted as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. In 1966 graduated from Duke University Law School with honors, member of the Law Review and Order of the Coif honorary fraternity. Commissioned a Captain in the USAF after four years as JAG entered private practice in Kansas City with tax firm from which recruited to join Federated Department Stores (now Macy's) as associate counsel leaving as Operating Vice President and Senior Counsel to return to Joplin, MO to take place of friend appointed Federal Judge with Roberts, Fleischaker and Scott law firm. Later left the firm to engage in a variety of business and charitable interests which continue.

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