Nazca: Decoding The Riddle Of The Lines (Paperback)

Nazca: Decoding The Riddle Of The Lines By Brien D. Foerster Cover Image
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The lines of Nazca, as well as the animal and plant geoglyphs located on the vast flat expanse in southern Peru south of Lima have perplexed researchers since their rediscovery in the early 20th century. The theories as to what they represent vary from landing strips made for or by extraterrestrials to maps charting the movement of underground water. This book, by Peruvian resident and author Brien Foerster, who has lived in the Nazca area and is an expert on pre-Colombian Peru sets to solve the mystery once and for all. Using logic, archaeology, anthropology and Native oral traditions, he sets the stage for who made the Nazca features, when and why.

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ISBN: 9781492327585
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Publication Date: September 3rd, 2013
Pages: 142
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