Russian Step By Step Verbs of Motion: Workbook 2 (Paperback)

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Russian Verbs of Motion Workbook Part 2 is the first book in this series and presents an introduction to the verbs of motion - it covers seven pairs of non-prefixed verbs of motion: to move something by some method of transportation, to roll, to roam, to chase, to climb, to crawl, to drag. This Workbook has lots of activities that use these verbs in a realistic context. Each pair of verbs is thoroughly explained. Answer keys are given at the back of the Workbook.

About the Author

Natasha has been teaching Russian to foreigners for over 20 years. She attended a number of teaching trainings, conferences and seminars. Before her career as an author Natasha was a head teacher at the Language Center. Natasha observed countless lessons, giving feedback to the teachers about how to improve the lesson, as well to the students on how to benefit the most from the program. Natasha watched many students struggle with learning Russian via complex textbooks that present a lot of material quickly and without allowing the student time to internalize the new information. She started developing her own way of presenting the materials and realized that there is a very simple way to learn any language: just by dividing something complicated into simple pieces and mastering the language step-by-step. Her many years of work and experience culminated in a book series of her own - Russian Step by Step. These books are easy to follow and, at the same time, are teaching real Russian. In RSBS books students will find dialogues from everyday life, exercises to help master those dialogues, and texts to help in remembering them. The series has two branches: adult and children's books. There are two series in the adult branch: RSBS Series for Adults Regular and RSBS Series School Edition. RSBS Series for Adults Regular includes: Reading Russian Workbook, RSBS Beginner Level 1, RSBS Low Intermediate Level 2, RSBS Intermediate Level 3. RSBS Series School Edition is the improved version of RSBS for Adults Regular. It includes RSBS School Edition Beginner Level 1, RSBS Low Intermediate Level 2, RSBS Intermediate Level 3, RSBS Upper Intermediate Level 4. Many hours of audio that comes with the course books allow the student to pick up the correct Russian pronunciation. See more at:

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