Death and Disorder: A History of Early Modern England, 1485-1690 (Hardcover)

Death and Disorder: A History of Early Modern England, 1485-1690 Cover Image
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In Death and Disorder, award-winning teacher Ken MacMillan introduces readers to the tumultuous world of Tudor and Stuart England. During this period, numerous kings and queens were killed, their advisors assassinated, treasonous nobles beheaded, religious heretics burned at the stake, and common criminals executed by hanging. Combined with devastating plagues, a high rate of infant mortality, and violence on the battlefield, these events created an environment of disorder. MacMillan argues that both despite and because of the prevalence of death and disorder in early modern England, these two centuries saw critical historical developments.

Each chapter opens with a thematic vignette, closes with an excerpt from a primary source, and includes images and engaging discussion questions. The book also provides a timeline of key events, genealogical charts, and a list of further resources.

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ISBN: 9781487588496
ISBN-10: 1487588496
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Publication Date: August 12th, 2020
Pages: 296
Language: English