Connectivity in Graphs (Heritage) (Paperback)

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Increased interest in graph theory in recent years has led to a demand for more textbooks on the subject. With this volume Professor Tutte helps to meet the demand by setting down the sort of information he himself would have found valuable during his research.

The author concentrates here on the general theory of undirected graphs: after some introductory chapters he deals with Euler paths, the symmetry of graphs, the girth or minimum polygon-size, and questions involving non-separability and triple connections. The work is based to a large extent on the papers of Hasslet Whitney on graph theory, published between 1931 and 1935, with the addition of a number of results throught to be new. These include the proof of the uniqueness of the 7-cage, the theory of decomposition of a 2-connection graph into 3-connected "clevage units," and the theory of nodal 3-commection.

This volume will be particularly useful to all those interested in graph theory, and especially to those who wish to do research in the field.

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