Maiden Voyage (Paperback)

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"Captain Drake Captain Drake "
He looked was Karina, even more, beautiful in the moonlight, coming straight toward him with her arm extended and holding something shiny in her hand that he recognized as the missing gold cufflink. He increased his pace and as he reached for the cufflink with his left hand, the touch ignited him with a sudden desire to feel her soft full lips and in one swift moment wrapped his right arm around her waist, arching her back slightly as he covered her lips with his own, the arresting moment caused Karina to let out a small moan as she fell into his fiery embrace. Sensing acceptance the kiss deepened...
... Suddenly she was awakened by a deep male voice calling her name,
"Karina " Gunther called.
Frightened Karina gasped and broke the embrace.
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MAIDEN VOYAGE - (1790) When a runaway bride, Karina Pembroke, posing as a cabin boy is discovered by handsome Captain Eric Drake aboard his ship... romantic sparks fly between them...until pirates attack. Will they escape to live and love another day?


SPELLBOUND An Epic Fantasy Romance, (book 1)
A woman has a paranormal encounters with a 13th-century spellbound warrior who mistakes her for the woman who betrayed his kin. Soon she's swept onto his horse in the forest cold, barefoot, and in her night clothes. Then she makes a shocking discovery...will she escape the wrath of a vengeful warrior?

THE CALLING: Spellbound, Book 2
Jake discovers a crystal amulet in a castle that empowers him and is transported back to the darkest period in history where he must break a family curse. Will Jake defeat the witches who cast it and outrun their dragon or become the next victim?

To Save A Princess; Epic Love Story -
Naia, the galactic princess of Midora visits Earth as a mermaid to save her brother the dying emperor, and saves Nick, a navy seal, from a shark attack and they fall in love. Now her scheming betrothed is coming to claim his bride and destroy whoever stands in his way of becoming emperor. Can a military man from Earth save a young brave princess and together save her planet of Midora from a power-hungry madman?
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About the Author

M. I. Speer, born in Chicago, now living in Southern California. Her love for romantic adventures, inspires her writings. Please visit her page for other books at: http: // SPELLBOUND - A medieval/time travel and romantic adventure series. SPELLBOUND II: The Calling - (Coming soon) A young man is empowered and transported back to medieval times to help a white witch and her beautiful daughter battle witches.

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ISBN: 9781482624205
ISBN-10: 1482624206
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 12th, 2017
Pages: 236
Language: English