Soft Tissue Injuries and Hard Ball Tactics: Dealing With Soft Tissue Injuires and Insurance Companies (Paperback)

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Insurance companies make billions of dollars by minimizing soft tissue injury claims. They are highly skilled at using strong tactics to accomplish this goal. Many individuals who suffer from injuries related to automobile, semi trucks, or motorcycle accidents often realize this far too late. Now, seasoned personal injury attorney B.J. Kelley draws from decades of experience to provide anyone suffering from an accident with an effective plan of action to manage the claim process. Soft Tissue Injuries and Hard Ball Tactics: Dealing With Soft Tissue Injuries and Insurance Companies is a straightforward, step-by-step "how to" manual to help anyone overcome the daunting hurdles that insurance companies put forth to minimize personal injury claims. The average person is typically not equipped to deal with the carriers on their own. In fact, many of those who incur accident-related injuries simply believe they are just "a little sore" and expect to improve within a few days. However, there is often a delay in the onset of soft tissue pain so that the pain doesn't present until well after a person has foregone an attorney's counsel and made statements that indicated that all was well. Regrettably, this all-too-common course of events may work to your disadvantage when ultimately filing a soft tissue claim. To avoid pitfalls of this nature, Kelley clearly maps out every aspect of this all-important scenario. The book first details the motivations of the insurance companies. It then lays out the carriers' standard procedures and discusses why your own company won't necessarily help you after an accident. The author then itemizes the do's and don'ts you should consider after you've been in a wreck, from calling the police to hiring an attorney. He then defines a soft tissue injury, and the reasons the injury may not be immediately evident after a collision. The book also discusses medical treatment, the challenges of soft tissue injury cases, and what to expect from your attorney during the course of your case. When it comes to soft tissue injuries, information will give you the crucial power you need to handle your claim, and get the treatment to which you are entitled for as long as you may require it. Clear, concise, and indispensable, Soft Tissue Injuries and Hard Ball Tactics: Dealing With Soft Tissue Injuries and Insurance Companies can help ensure that the pain of an accident can be minimized in every way. Read it-and reap the coverage you have coming.

About the Author

William J. Kelley II (B.J.) grew up in southeastern Indiana. He graduated from Emory University in 1981 and Georgetown University Law School with honors (cum laude) in 1985. During law school, he was accepted into the American Criminal Law Review and was also a member of DC Law Students in Court where he helped local citizens and tried his first cases while still in law school. After graduating from law school, he was admitted into the Attorney General's Honors Program, which, according to the Department of Justice, is "the most prestigious federal entry-level attorney hiring program of its kind." During his time as a trial lawyer with the Justice Department, he handled cases and trials in federal courts all across the United States. In 1992, after spending ten years in Washington, DC, B.J. and his wife Lisa (a pediatrician) moved back to the Hoosier state to raise their two children. For over twenty years, B.J. has devoted his legal career to representing injured people. During that time, he helped found the personal injury law firm of Craig, Kelley & Faultless and estimates that he has personally negotiated and resolved more than five thousand personal injury cases. He has also participated in jury trials in various Indiana and Ohio courts and has spoken at legal and medical seminars. B.J. has a special interest in the medical side of the firm's cases and has worked with numerous doctors and medical specialists over the years to ensure that Craig, Kelley & Faultless can provide insurance companies and juries with the best information possible regarding their clients' injuries and treatment. B.J. is a Top 100 trial lawyer according to the National Trial Lawyers and a Top 100 litigator According to the American Society of Legal Advocates. He is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, Indiana, and Ohio.

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Publication Date: April 3rd, 2013
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